From times immemorial India has been associated with exotic wildlife. India is the house of countless sheltered, quiet wildlife sanctuaries, ideal for animal viewing and bird watching.

You will surely consider this the best of watching destinations in the world today, as to add to its perfect sanctuaries, is the great variety of spectacular surroundings and other wildlife. This results from the fact that India is much diversified in terms of its geographical features.
This factor is aptly reflected in its countless features – the impressive Himalayas bordering Tibet on the northern side, fertile plains, deserts, forests and long rivers & stretches of beautiful beaches. It is such a diversity of scenery that finds its reflection in India’s wildlife.

The present day world has nearly 8,650 migratory and originating species of birds. 141 of these birds live in India naturally, and as many as 1,200 of these birds adopt India as their home. Such a large number of birds is sufficient for the contentment of any bird watcher, making India the finest of all similar destinations; without even the slightest revelation about the number of rare birds that can be viewed here.
Of wild animals, Dunbar Brander mentions a list of almost 45 animals living in the forests of central India alone. The list includes the Sloth Bear, Wild dogs, Tigers, leopards, Buffalo, Sambhar, Swamp Deer, Cheetal, Black Buck, Wild Boar etc.

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