Best time : May to September


Often referred to as the Little Tibet, Ladakh is located in the Greater Himalayas far north in the Indian subcontinent, at over 3500m and nearly 45000kms of high altitude cold desert, dominated by snow-clad peaks, crystal clear blue lakes and mighty rivers the Zanskar & the Indus. This rugged, stunningly beautiful mountain country, broken by these natural endowments, affords a walking experience that lasts a lifetime!

The tour offers village houses and a luxury camp, away from the tourist-infested town of Leh. The fertile fields, on the confluence of the rivers Zanskar & Indus, are in stark contrast to the barren mountains of Ladakh. Dry and dusty, with clusters of willows and desert roses along the rivers, yet Ladakh is a completely magical destination, remote, with delightful, gentle, amiable people.

On your travels, you shall meet the genial locals, Ladakhi Craftsmen and visit the medieval Buddhist monasteries which encapsulate the region’s history, culture & artifacts peculiar to the region.


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Tiger’s Nest Bhutan
Bhutan covers an area of 47000 Sq. Kms, with a population of about 700,000. However small the population, the geographical, ecological diversity & it’s natural wealth is immense.

The altitude ranges from 300 mtrs. on the Indian side to about 7300mts. towards the boundary with Tibet!

The Bhutanese refer to their Kingdom as Druk Yul or the Land of Thunder Dragon. The kingdom is enveloped in a ‘mystical bliss’ of many a ‘good old days’, when life was of slower pace and immense charm!

They are a friendly people, with a carefree culture, a peaceful haven up in the Himalayas. Bhutan is marked by magnificent sceneries, fortresses from a past long since gone by and monasteries that are to be seen to be believed!

A luxury holiday in Bhutan offers stunning Buddhist architecture and luxurious hotels. The best time to travel is October & November / March, April & May.

Bhutan is still restricted and is accessed by us for yourselves!
Suggested Itinerary

Destination / Route Hotel / Stay
Delhi The Leela Chanakyapuri (1n)
Thimpu Taj Tashi (2n)
Punakha Uma Punakha (2n)
Paro Uma by COMO
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