Sikkim Tour

Destinations covered : Calcutta >> Darjeeling >> Gangtok >> Pemayangtse >> Kalimpong >> Glenburn

Picture by Dr. Tony Slack
The itinerary takes you through the stunning views of the Himalayas. Apart from the great views of Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak, the region is home to some lush green vales, crystal clear waters of the various rivers flowing and terraced fields. The bird life is amazing.

On your arrival in Calcutta, you shall be staying in the ‘great Dame of Chowringhee’ the Oberoi Grand.

One of the finest ways of getting to know Calcutta is to take a heritage walk, which includes your meeting people who have, for generations, made this city their home. The smells, sights and sounds of Calcutta are addictive!

Darjeeling, a beautiful hill station, built by the British is known for its delightful sightseeing. A tour of Darjeeling will be incomplete without the ride on the world-heritage Darjeeling Himalayan ‘Toy Train’ or tea tasting at the Nathmull’s.

Your hill travels take you up further to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, located on a series of ridges in the shadow of the high mountain ranges bordering Tibet. At an altitude of 1547 m. It is a modern town with a traditional flavour, known for its Buddhist Monasteries, its charming ethnic mix of people of Nepali, Lepcha and Bhutia origin, , lovely orchids, Himalayan flora and exotic bazaars.

Pemayangtse or Pelling, is the heart of Buddhist Sikkim.. It is a 80 miles long but fascinating 5.30 hrs drive. Crossing from the Teesta valley to the Rangit river valley, over the Rabang la,- a pass at 2100 m. Rivers, forests, mountain villages, terraced cultivation, bio diverse flora, Bon Monastery, and more. Some of the finest views can be had from Pelling.

Kalimpong, is an exotic town, mystical and enchanting! Ruled by Bhutan for 155 years, and annexed by the British in 1865, it was developed as a center of the wool trade with Tibet. This trade flourished until the Chinese took control of Tibet, in the 1950’s. Flower and orchid nurseries, colonial bungalows, churches of the “Raj”, and Buddhist monasteries are there to explore. A quaint bustling bazaar, Kalimpong is a wanderer’s delight.

Finally, your hill odyssey brings you to the Glenburn Tea Estate, with fabulous views of both Darjeeling and Sikkim from your bedroom!

While at the estate you shall be given the ‘Tea Tour’, with the guide giving you insight into the tea plantations, plucking of ’02 leaves& the bud’, how it is transported to the factory & finally categorized after ‘tasting’, packed & sent off to the auction houses, in distant Calcutta. Interact with the tea estate workers doing their daily chores.

Walk back to the tea factory where the manager will give you insight in the total gamut of tea processing including the much specialized job of ‘tasting’.

Fly back from Bagdogra airport for onwards travels.
Tentative Itinerary

Destination / Route Hotel / Stay
Calcutta The Oberoi Grand (2n)
Darjeeling The Windamere (3n)
Gangtok Nor-khill (2n)
Pelling Elgin Mount Pandim (2n)
Kalimpong The Himalayan (1n)
Glenburn Glenburn Tea Estate (2n)


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