Where will I stay ?

There is a large variety of hotels to choose from. The hotels that we chose for our customers are quite good with respect to comforts, cuisine available & location. These Hotels are good value for money and we also provide accomodations in luxury hotels like Oberoi, Leila & Taj Hotels.

Will I be safe ?

Indians are hospitable & tourist friendly people. Our trained drivers & representatives, who shall always be at hand to see to your safety, shall look you after.

What about food ?

Indian cuisine is considered to be one of the finest and perhaps most distinctive cuisines in the World. Expect to eat well. Surely Indian food will definitely be one of the many highlights of your visit and you can embark upon your gastronomic adventures. If you are on a special diet, we will be happy to prealert the hotels where you would stay, to serve you accordingly.

How will I travel ?

You shall travel in an air-conditioned, chauffeur driven car. The cars that we use is Toyota Innova. For small groups of 4-8 guests, we provide air-conditioned Tempo-Traveller tourist vehicles. For larger groups, mini-buses are provided.

Where can I apply for an Indian Visa ?

You are requested to get in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy/Commission who will guide you with formalities required.

Are there any India Tourist Offices near my home?

The Government of India Tourist Offices are located all over the world for any information that you may require pertaining to India as a destination. You may get in touch with them for any queries you have prior to booking your holiday with us.

Why should we choose your company?

Our organisation, with a compact team of dedicated individuals, have had the pleasure of organizing some very enjoyable destination holidays for our most valued US, UK & European customers. Personal care of our customers is our forte. We have a network of business agencies spread all over India to facilitate smooth, hassle-free tours. The firm is registered with the Government of India. Also, we negotiate amazing rates with hotel industry & pass on our discounts to the customers. To check on our services, we are willing to provide you a list of such guests who have already enjoyed the delights of tours organized by Legends & Palaces.

Do you include trip insurance?

We advise you to arrange travel insurance in your own country.

Who will answer my calls and questions when I call you, both before and after I sign up & during my Travel?

The managing director of Legends & Palaces is always at hand, and is reachable on mobile 095010-30069. Mr. Gurdial Singh, our CEO & Mrs. Anju Singh is available on phone 0091-175-2217944/2219068. Further, you shall be provided with phone numbers of our regional business agencies, where you may contact for any service.

Why can’t I do these trips on my own and (presumably) save money?

One can often do our tours on his own, if he has large quantities of time, patience, money and willing to forego some safety measures.
Time: Rustling up a permit to cross a border, finding suitable transport or buying air/rail tickets from local agents etc or directly from offices of Indian Railways or respective Domestic Airlines or directly from offices of Indian Railways or respective Domestic airline.
Patience: One should have time to burn but, as seasoned travelers know, it can take hours and days of waiting in line, dealing with bureaucrats and triplicate forms, trying to get a taxi to the third office in a row that will send you to the fourth or standing in queues to buy Train Tickets / Domestic Air Tickets .

Can I book only the accommodation since I am coming on business?

Of course, with great pleasure. We have worked out wonderful packages with the various top hotels. Depending upon your allowance, we will help you in booking a hotel that will suit you from point of view of location & other prerequisites of your business visit.

How do I create a custom made itinerary?

Most of our customers travel on customized tour itineraries, which take into account your personal specific interests. All you need to do is fill up the Query Form & submit. You may also send a rough sketch of your planned holiday & we will get back to you, with a most feasible itinerary.

Will Legends & Palaces help me with my internal air arrangements?

With great pleasure! However, some routes are highly sought after & heavily booked. So please do get in touch with us well in advance.

What if I want to go somewhere that is not currently listed as a city or attraction?

We are always interested in expanding our information base to provide the most comprehensive destination expertise and service to our clients. Please create your tour and send us a note on any particulars on the unlisted item. Our Product Development Team will get back to you with suggestions on arrangements within 48 hours business days.

What kind of lodging can I expect?

Legends & Palaces provide accommodation for our valued customers, in hotels that are good from the point of view of comforts, amenities, location & value for money. The properties booked for you are mixed, e.g. in New Delhi, a modern deluxe hotel, In Rajasthan a maharaja’s palace that gives you a feeling of historical ambience & in Wildlife sanctuaries, like the Corbett National Park, the accommodation is very basic keeping in view the remoteness of such regions. All taxes are inclusive.

How many meals would be provided with this tour?

Normally, in expensive hotels, we provide B’fast as part of the package. However, in moderately priced hotels, the bookings are don on MAPAI bases i.e. B’fast and lunch or dinner is inclusive. In wild life preserves & trekking routes, the package is based on all three meals i.e. B’fast+Lunch+Dinner. For economy tours, only B’fast is provided with accommodation & transport. The tour itinerary prepared for your holiday contains all details of meals served.