“My wife and I have just completed our second vacation to India coordinated by Legends and Palaces, Mr. V.P. Singh. We are planning on returning for a third visit to India, and we have already begun our discussions with Mr. Singh as to where we will travel and stay, even though we won’t be going for another year. We would never consider traveling to India without Mr. Singh being in charge. We were first recommended to Mr. Singh by a friend who had just traveled with him and she couldn’t have spoken more highly of her experience. On our first trip we decided to travel with very short notice and upon calling American Express Platinum Travel to organize the trip we were told that the hotels we wished to visit were all fully booked and they couldn’t help us. We contacted Mr. Singh and he was able to confirm reservations at all of our desired hotels; we only had to adjust the order of the cities visited which worked perfectly. While we were traveling, Mr. Singh is in constant contact and control, watching all plans, or possible changes in flights etc. to be sure there are no complications. Mr. Singh will suggest events or places to visit that you might have overlooked, even if you have done much research. He informed us that there would be an international Sufi music festival while in Jodhpur on our recent trip. This is a fact we would have missed and the festival was glorious. Planning trips consists of sending Mr. Singh an email with questions and ideas, and always knowing that the following morning upon waking we will find his reply. The planning process was most enjoyable. Upon arriving in India we were presented with a cell phone to make calls in India. His tour guides were very interesting and his cars comfortable with good drivers. From the moment you land in India until your departure you know you have a friend in Mr. Singh who has arranged for you to be escorted and taken care of and enjoy the beautiful country.”

Mr/s. Kamerman

USA., Customer review appearing on the Trip Advisor

We had a great trip and would be happy to recommend Legends and Palaces travel to anyone interested in obtaining a variety of touring experiences in India. We felt well looked after and well prepared by your pre-travel advice as well as your monitoring how things were progressing during the trip. We appreciated that you were readily accessible (phone/email) if there were any issues and that you were so willing and ready to help. India is a fascinating place to visit. So culturally and visually interesting with incredible history and roots that go back to early human civilisation.  We found our accommodation generally excellent, varied and interesting, but always to a very good standard for the location. Local hosts and guides went out of their way to make our stay informative and enjoyable. The interactions we had with local people, especially in smaller villages were memorable.

Geoff and Veronica Rohan

Canberra, Australia, Feb-Mar 2017

“My husband and I just returned from a 6 day Golden Triangle Tour through Legends and Palaces. We had a phenomenal time. Our driver was fantastic, and our guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone made sure we were comfortable, and were very helpful if we needed anything.
VP Singh made a point to check in with us during the tour to ensure everything was going well. Additionally, any small problems were handled efficiently and effectively.
We always felt safe, and that our best interests were kept in mind. We definitely recommend Legends and Palaces, and would certainly book a tour with them in the future if we return to India.
Thank you VP Singh and Legends and Palaces for making our tour so enjoyable”!

Rebecca Peterson, USA.

As appearing on the Trip Advisor dated , 13 February 2017

“We (four of us – one couple from Australia and the other from the UK) have just returned from 3 weeks touring Rajasthan during the month of February 2017. Our tour to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, the Shekawati area,, Khimsar, Jodhpur and Udaipur followed by a trip to Varanasi was supported by Mr V P Singh of Legends and Palaces. We have never used the services of a tour company outside of Australia so were not quite sure initially how successful this adventure would be – but it was an outstanding success! From the outset Mr Singh couldn’t have been more helpful or responsive to all of our needs and changing itinerary and also in ensuring we were comfortable in transferring large sums of money from Australia to India with no glitches.
From the moment we arrived in Delhi to the moment we departed (one couple from Delhi and the other couple a few days later from Hyderabad) the trip went off seamlessly. The guides were excellent – knowledgeable and accommodating, the car and driver very good and the hotels all either very good and sometimes outstanding…!”

Margaret Perlman, Australia.

As appearing on the Trip Advisor , 28 February 2017

“We just returned from a fabulous 18 day private tour to India organized by Legends and Palaces. Mr. VP Singh worked with for almost a year to put together this trip to Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi. Everything went very smoothly and Mr. Singh checked in with us every few days on the cell phone that he gave us to ensure all was going well and we were happy. We highly recommend Mr. Singh and his company and look forward to working with him for future India trips”.

As appearing on Trip Advisor dated 05 October 2016.

“We just returned from India and had an amazing trip. We used Legends and Palaces based on a recommendation from a friend. I am so glad we did. The transitions were flawless. Our drivers were experts which is important in this country! Our guides were generally well informed and quite enthusiastic. VP Singh checked in with us and the guides on several occasions while we were there. He also responded to emails in a very timely fashion. I have no hesitations recommending this company if you are planning on traveling to India. We toured Ladakh (did a trek with homestays–highly recommend), and Delhi/Agra/Jaipur. Despite a large geographic variation the trip was literally without a hitch. Thanks so much, VP Singh!”

“As appearing on Trip Advisor dated 14 October 2016”.


I have just returned from a trip in northern India that was partly organised by Mr Singh at Legends & Palaces. I can hightly recommend his services – he is extremely professional and our trip as a result was very well organised, making the whole experience a very enjoyable one. The guides, transport, accommodation and restaurants were all of a high standard and transfers occurred without problems. Mr Singh gave us a phone for the duration and was in regular contact. He even monitored our flights and trains whilst we were in transit, letting us know that our plane had been delayed and our train diverted, with expected arrival times. Everything was seemless and stressless, perfect for a first-time traveller to India!

Jane H

As appearing on the Trip Advisor., March 2016

I have just returned from a trip in northern India that was partly organised by Mr Singh at Legends & Palaces. I can hightly recommend his services – he is extremely professional and our trip as a result was very well organised, making the whole experience a very enjoyable one. The guides, transport, accommodation and restaurants were all of a high standard and transfers occurred without problems. Mr Singh gave us a phone for the duration and was in regular contact. He even monitored our flights and trains whilst we were in transit, letting us know that our plane had been delayed and our train diverted, with expected arrival times. Everything was seemless and stressless, perfect for a first-time traveller to India!

Jane H

As appearing on the Trip Advisor., March 2016

A friend and I have just returned from 3+ weeks in India organized by Mr. Singh at Legends & Palaces. This is our second trip with this extraordinary company. I never thought anything could exceed the experiences we had in Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan on our first trip, but this one to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Kolkata was beyond anything we could have imagined. Every part of this amazing trip was perfect. Our driver Mr. Anbu could not have been more accommodating and delightful, every guide was knowledgeable and interesting, and the properties were varied and wonderful. If you are considering a trip to India I highly recommend you contact Mr. Singh for recommendations and reservations. You simply cannot do better. We are already talking with him about our next adventure!

Nancy Lutz, USA

As appearing on the Trip Advisor., February 2016.

My husband and I just returned from a private tour of northern India organized by Mr. VP Singh of Legends & Palaces. We were extremely happy with our trip and the services of Legends & Palaces.

Mr. Singh was very responsive while we were in the planning stages and equally responsive while we were on the trip. He called our guides and drivers daily to ensure that all was going well; one of our guides told us that Legends & Palaces was the only agency with which he worked to show that level of ongoing concern. Mr. Singh called us every three days or so as well. And I can vouch that the number he gave us reaches him directly, because I inadvertently dialed it at 6:45 one morning and Mr. Singh picked it up on the second ring..

March 2016. As appearing on the Trip Advisor., March 2016.

“Thanks for the terrific service from beginning to end. We hope to be able to visit India again and will certainly consult you when we do. In the meantime, we have already had occasion to mention your fine service several times.

I will be posting photos on Shutterfly and advise you when the travelogue is ready for viewing.

Amanda and John Poor,

USA. , November 2015"

“Dear Mr Singh

We were delighted to meet you and your daughter in Delhi. It was great to put some context to the ‘voice’ in the emails. Yes, we were exceedingly happy with our time in India, and will certainly talk to our friends and family about it all. We ourselves, have chattered about a second trip to some other parts of your wonderful country, some time down the track!

I have attached a run down of our trip. It is a selection of emails I sent home and my diary entries. It is quite long, so please don’t feel obliged to read it. However, it does give you an overview of our perceptions along with comments on all the accommodation, guides and drivers, and so it might be useful as a critique if you like.

Thank you once again for looking after us so well. We certainly have come away with wonderful memories of India.

Regards Carolyn and Brian Sweeney

Australia. , October 2015

“Dear Mr. Singh,

Thank you for another wonderful trip to India. When we decided on our third trip to India, you were the first person I contacted, just as I had done on the first two trips. We knew we din’t have to worry about anything other than seeing wildlife in Kanha and Pench.

You can be assured that we will never travel through India without you!

All the best, Peggy Reed

USA , May 2015.

Dear Mr Singh.

We are home and rested and happy to give you very positive feedback.

Firstly we found the organisation and assistance from yourself and your company to be outstanding.

We did not have one serious problem in all of our tour and every occasion where you had arranged assistance more than met our expectations, particularly the tricky transition at New Delhi into the overnight Hotel.

We cannot think of any place we visited was not worthy of being listed and in closing we found the visit to the Sikh Golden temple and the social activities of providing daily meals to visitors was the highlight of our tour.

Many thanks to you and your staff for providing us with a memorable holiday.

Reg amd Margaret Miller.

Australia, , February 2015

Hello, we are still in transit back to California. The tour was excellent. everyone , tour guides, reps, drivers. Especially driver Feroj who was with us for many days. He looked out for us, was always attentive to our needs. The hotels were all excellent.

You were very good following
up with us, thank you,

Craig and julien moyer,

USA , April 2015


And we thank you for the excellent service throughout our trip. As I mentioned on the phone, I will gladly be a reference for any clients who need one. I also plan to put up reviews on Trip Advisor and Fodors forums about Legends & Palaces. That will probably be in the next week or so…there’s still quite a bit of catching up for us to do at work and home upon return from vacation.

It was reassuring to have you looking out for us, available at all times in case of any problems. Most notably, when we were fogged in at Varanasi you handled it for us beautifully–the mettle of a company is how they react when things don’t go according to plan and Legends & Palaces showed its excellence in that situation.

India was a dream trip for me and the experience we had through your company was wonderful while staying within our budget.

Best, Lacey & Derek Parker

USA , January 2015

Dear Mr Singh,

I am writing to thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday for Warwick and me.

We could not have had a more perfect experience with you. We had absolutely no doubt that you were entirely focused on our interests. We have been telling all of our friends about your care for us and your incredible attention to detail (the mobile phone, meeting us in Delhi, your calls to check on our health etc). It was exactly the right amount of contact with us.

One danger of a trip like ours is that you could get to the point of not wanting to see another palace or listen to another guide. We found the balance in your itinerary perfect. Just when we might have been wanting one, there was a rest day when we could relax and just be together.

Thank you so much Mr Singh for organising such an excellent, trouble and worry free holiday.

Warmest wishes, Megan & Warwick

Australia , December 2014.

Dear Mr Singh

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful holiday through Rajasthan for Mr Schoots and myself. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from start to finish. Your timely response to my many emails before we left was exceptional.

We learned so much about the Indian culture, due to the excellent itinerary you organised for us, as well as the pleasant and knowledgeable tour guides and drivers. At no time were we in any doubt about where we were going next or how we would get there. We were met by one of your representatives in each new place and were able to keep in contact with you along the way via the mobile phone you gave us. I even noticed that as we booked into each new hotel, you had contacted them in advance to make sure that we got the best rooms! I can truly rate this holiday in India as one of our best ever.

We’re hoping to visit again next year and do a tour of Nepal and South India, so we’ll be keeping in touch. Thank you for our fantastic holiday.

Rita Schoots,

Australia. , November 2014.

“Hello Mr. Singh,

We made it home safely to Chicago and now that I have a few minutes, I would like to thank you for helping us realize the holiday of a lifetime. From the places we visited to the people we met, to the places we stayed, this holiday exceeded all of our expectations. We were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves knowing that you had put together a great itinerary and took care of all the details of making our journey from one place to another completely care free. All of your representatives, guides and drivers were pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. I want to particularly recognize our driver Ravi, who was with us for the majority of the trip. As we came to learn, driving in India is very stressful and Ravi is very good at what he does.

In summary, I couldn’t be happier about working with Legends and Palaces to make our trip to India a complete success and would be more than willing to act as a reference to anyone considering working with your company.

Ann & Barney Shirreffs,

USA. , October 2014

“We had a great trip, thanks to your very professional organisation and to so nice attention…everybody here is So Happy and join me to say Thank You Mr. Singh!

Wmst Rgds. Valerie Bonnefous & Friends France

, October 2014

“Dear Mr. Singh:

Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip for us to India. From the outset, your service has been outstanding. You were the fastest to respond to my email inquiries for trip proposals, and your itinerary/pricing offered the best combination of quality and cost. I appreciated your periodic emails before we left to let me know everything was in order. It was then when we got to India that we knew he had made the right choice. I appreciated your driving to meet us at our first hotel and your providing me with a cell phone so we could keep in touch. The hotels you picked for us were fantastic and have to be among the best in the world. The guides in each location, and especially in Jaipur, were highly knowledgeable, attentive, and patiently answered all of our questions (and we had lots of questions). I read guidebooks myself to compare ideas and found the specific itinerary you put together of what to see and when to relax was expertly done. The dining options your team pointed us to kept everyone healthy.

Our trip to India was a spectacular family experience which created memories we will treasure. Thanks for making us not have to worry about the logistics, for helping us learn about what we were seeing, and for allowing us to focus all of our energy on being together and soaking in the culture.

Best regards, Joel and Addie

USA , August 2014

Dear Mr V P Singh,

“We’ve been back a couple of months from our holiday and had time to reflect on the three weeks we had touring around the golden triangle and Kerala. We had a fabulous, if very busy, time. The whole trip was very well organised and everything went to plan. The hotels and food were excellent and having Mr Singh on the end of a phone for any potential problems was an added bonus. The Taj Mahal was everything, and more, of what we expected. It was the highlight, of many highlights. Touring India was certainly an experience in many ways and we are grateful for the care and attention given to us by Mr Singh. A great holiday.”

Best wishes, Cliff and Kathy Jenkins.

UK , February 2014

Dear Mr V P Singh,

We have just returned from a most wonderful tour of West and North India, and would like to thank you for making it a such an exciting and eventful adventure!

You did all that we asked for, and more. So much more.

What we loved was seeing and experiencing not only the ‘must see’ treasures of India – Delhi, the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort at Agra, the towns of Udaipur, Jodphur and Jaipur, the Tigers at Ranthambhore, and the Toy Train to Shimla – but also the more ‘off the beaten track’ gems that you found for us – the Fortress town of Chittisgarh, Ramathra Fort where we could walk in the village and meet and talk with the local people, the luxury tents at Chattrasagar, the palatial accommodation at Shahpura Bagh, where we were hosted by the descendants of the Maharaja!

The planning for our trip was meticulous, and was delivered by courteous, kind and always punctual drivers and guides Never once were we let down.

At all times we felt safe and cared for, and so could relax and enjoy the sights and sounds

Every single day was packed with excitement and interest, and ended in a wide variety of wonderful accommodation, clearly selected to show off the rich heritage of this amazing country. The air conditioned car was roomy and comfortable and the car/train/aeroplane combination worked well.

We will be recommending ‘Legends and Palaces’ to all our friends

Our very best wishes to you and your family – please say thank you to Eddie for his part in the our introduction to India.

Most sincerely, Naomi and Andrew Milner

UK , March 2014

Dear Mr. Singh,

I hardly know where to start, but our recent trip to India far exceeded all our expectations. Every guide was personable and knowledgeable. Our drivers were wonderful…especially Sunil who was outstanding and highly professional. Every place we stayed was beautiful, unique, and more than just comfortable. We greatly appreciated your personal attention to making sure all details were covered and there was never a question as to how we would get from point A to B, or if our reservations be honored. And of course, India’s treasures, people, food and culture never failed to impress us. My ONLY regret is that I didn’t take your advice and book at the Taj in Mumbai, our final stop. And that is because it turned out that a dear former colleague of mine from Chicago happened to be there (neither she nor I knew the other would be in India) at the same time!

At our age, it is unlikely we will get back to India, but I will sing its praises to anyone who will listen, and certainly tell them to contact you for assistance in planning their visit”.

Kindest regards, Diane and Steve Woodard USA

USA , February 2014

Dear VP,

We are home safe & sound and I wanted to follow through with you to let you know about our trip. First, thank you, thank you, thank you for the most wonderful experience of a life time. I went out of my comfort zone when I decided to use you as our travel guide for our India experience. Now I not only have no regrets I can in fact recommend you to others for their trips. You were right on the money with your guidance and trip planning. We loved all our hotels, each one was better than the next. Our guides were wonderful, informative, knowledgeable and fun to be with. All our excursions were interesting and insightful. We never felt uncared for or fearful of our surroundings. You were particularly spot on with your recommendation for Devi Garh. We enjoyed the relaxation and romance…

Caryn & Alan Dubrow,

USA , November 2013

We have just returned to Australia after a wonderful 18 day tour of Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan and Amritsar, organized by the amazing VP Singh of Legends and Palaces. We travelled as a party of seven, so it was quite complex fitting in everybody’s preferences and arrival and departure dates. There was even some concern at the start about using an Indian based tour company instead of using a “name” we were more familiar with in Australia. As it turned out our experience with Legends and Palaces has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Organization of every detail was seamless, communication was exemplary, choice and variety of hotels was a constant source of delight, itinerary was perfectly paced, and guides and drivers are hand picked for their professionalism and expertise. One of the couples in our group had a last minute change to arrival times due to delays in HK. Mr Singh had the resulting changes made to hotel bookings and pick up times in no time at all without any major delays to their program.

Another in our group has Indian heritage. He especially appreciated the great effort Mr Singh and his wife and family made to assist him to travel to a village near Ludhiana so he could find out more about his Great-Grandfather. These are the extra factors that make VP Singh and this agency truly legendary! A gold star company providing exemplary, outstanding service at very reasonable prices.

- Judy and Rob Pettiford Canberra,

Australia , October 2013

Dear Mr Singh

We are now in Bangkok and far away from your care. We cannot speak too highly of the service you provide. Everything you arrange works perfectly. Thank you!

We are also indebted to you, your wife and her family for the very special time we spent with you in the Punjab. This memory will be held close in our hearts.

We will stay in touch

Best wishes, - Jennifer & Wayne Fischer

Australia. , October 2013

Dear Mr Singh,

Yes we are safely back in Australia and missing your wonderful service.

We thoroughly enjoyed out trip to India and thank you for all your planning and organization that made it all so seamless…

All the guides were great but we especially enjoyed the younger ones who were completing Masters Degrees and then possibly PHD’s. They gave us great insights into their families, their culture and their lives.

The trip to Chanoud Garh was very special. We also had the chance to dip into the village life to see how this community lived. This was the very best food we had in India…

And our final thanks goes to Rinka our driver. The roads in India are crazy, but he kept us safe with everything that was thrown at him. We felt very safe in his hands and nothing was too much trouble for him. He was always on time and thoroughly looked after us when we didn’t have a guide on board.

We will definitely use your services again Mr Singh if we decide on another visit to India.

Warm Regards - Judy, Jurgen and Sophie Lebang,

Australia , October 2013

Dear Mr Singh

We would like to thank you for the exceptional service provided to us on our recent trip to India. The accommodation in the hotels was excellent. Your guides were informative and knowledgeable. Suniel was an extremely capable driver and we felt totally confident in his ability to drive in the congested areas in the city, which for us was a real experience!

We would most certainly recommend your services to anybody who might be interested in visiting India.

Tricia & Colin Beyers

South Africa. , September 2013

Dear Mr Singh

The trip you planned for us exceeded out expectations. From beginning to end, everything went smoothly. Your understanding was greatly appreciated when changes had to be made, particularly at the last minute. I would highly recommend Legends and Palaces to anyone planning a trip to India. Thank you again.

Eileen & Joseph Piesco,

USA , September 2013

Dear Mr Singh

Many thanks again for all your help with regards to our recent trip to West Bengal. We had a fantastic time and didn’t have to worry once about any of our travel arrangements. All guides and drivers were on time, all transfers worked smoothly and were hassle free. It was also very helpful to be copied in on emails regarding our accommodation, flight confirmation etc and for me, was a sign of a professionally run operation.

Our accommodation, particularly Glenburn Tea Estate was excellent. You must have worked very hard to get these bookings as, prior to booking with Legends and Palaces, I had also made enquiries with a Hong Kong travel company that specializes in travel to India, only to be told by them that there was nothing available at our chosen hotels for the dates we wished to travel!

We were particularly impressed with the walking tour you organized for us with Calcutta Walks. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic and arranged for us to interact with people in the local area. Hearing these personal family stories helped bring the city’s history alive.

We are considering Sikkim for our next India trip, possibly in 2014. I will be in touch about a possible itinerary nearer the time and once we have dates lined up.

Thank you again.

Best wishes, Andrea

Brittan , April 2013

Dear Mr Singh

Many thanks again for all your help with regards to our recent trip to West Bengal. We had a fantastic time and didn’t have to worry once about any of our travel arrangements. All guides and drivers were on time, all transfers worked smoothly and were hassle free. It was also very helpful to be copied in on emails regarding our accommodation, flight confirmation etc and for me, was a sign of a professionally run operation.

Our accommodation, particularly Glenburn Tea Estate was excellent. You must have worked very hard to get these bookings as, prior to booking with Legends and Palaces, I had also made enquiries with a Hong Kong travel company that specializes in travel to India, only to be told by them that there was nothing available at our chosen hotels for the dates we wished to travel!

We were particularly impressed with the walking tour you organized for us with Calcutta Walks. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic and arranged for us to interact with people in the local area. Hearing these personal family stories helped bring the city’s history alive.

We are considering Sikkim for our next India trip, possibly in 2014. I will be in touch about a possible itinerary nearer the time and once we have dates lined up.

Thank you again.

Best wishes, Andrea

Brittan , April 2013

Hello VP,

We have finally made it home and thankfully it is not too terribly cold (-2C with very little snow), but still a vast difference from 33C.

We had a wonderful trip. Your intinerary, arrangements, and choices of hotels were greatly appreciated. It was nice to have the experience of both the modern hotel amenities and the historic hotels.

I was told at the Taj Club House that you phoned while we were at our last dinner before leaving for the airport and did not want to interrupt us. I would have been happy to talk to you because we were discussing what a great vacation it had been and I would have been glad to share it with you at the time.

Since we did not have the opportunity to talk to you from Barefoot at Havelock, I would like to let you know what a great place it is. I would not hesitate to recommend it, and in fact would say that the non-AC cottages my be preferable to the AC because the fans provide more exposure to the beauty of the location rather than retreating to the AC of the cottage. I had an absolutely wonderful birthday that I will remember forever. We had an excellent meal with a whole fresh red snapper that was caught that day, absolutely delicious. The management then presented me with a bottle of wine for my birthday. Our meal had been so delicious and we did not need to have dessert. But then they came out with a personal heart-shaped birthday cake, reading “Happy Birthday Lesley”. Not only did it look good, it was delicious. It had several layers of cake with large quantities of chocolate cream in between. Although we said we didn’t “need” dessert, we ate almost the whole thing. I got to talk to the chef and thank him personally for making my day so special.

And so I would also like to thank you for making our trip special as well…

The most important comment I would like to pass on to you is what made this trip so special. THE PEOPLE. We had so many wonderful experiences with the local people everywhere we went, we were overwhelmed. Their absolute welcoming of us to their daily lives and activities was heart warming. The services and desires of the staff everywhere we went to make us feel welcome and special cannot be matched by anywhere we have ever been.

Thank you for everything you did to make this experience so special for us.

I will definitely recommend your services to other travellers.

- Namaste, Lesley & James Laycraft,

Canada , April 2013

Dear Mr Singh

We cannot thank you enough for our amazing trip to Rajasthan. Your advice at the planning stage and the organisation throughout the trip was faultless. You listened to all our requests and preferences taking them on board and organising a holiday especially for us. The mix of heritage hotels, castles, forts, palaces and hunting lodge accommodation was excellent. Your attention to detail was exemplary and it was so comforting that you kept in touch throughout to ensure our enjoyment of the trip. In addition our driver was wonderful, always punctual, smart and cheerful; nothing was too much trouble for him.

A big thank you for a wonderful well priced trip.

When we return to India we will definitely use Legends and Palaces.

Joy and Isabel

London, UK , March 2013

Dear Mr Singh

We couldn’t leave this beautiful country without saying a huge thank you to you and your team for creating such an exciting and memorable holiday for us. Nothing has been too much trouble for anyone, including retrieving lost water bottles! Ashok has been so good to us The best driver in India and so patient with all our luggage. Palaces, castles, forts we have loved everything.

I will be in touch again, once I have got over the shock of being back home.

With thanks again and every good wish.

Forgot to mention that dinner last night at The Manor was absolutely delicious! The perfect end to a perfect holiday.

Fiona and Gillian

March 2013, London, UK. March 2013

Dear Mr. Singh,

Thank you for making our trip to India the trip of a lifetime. All your arrangements were excellent. Plus, our trip cost less than if we had made our arrangements ourselves.

Having your guides and driver meet us everywhere (even just from the lobby to the car), and having a cellphone to reach you or the guide or driver gave such security. All your guides were anxious to make sure we enjoying our experience and understood what we were seeing. But most important, our driver who was with us all but two days of the trip went way beyond to make sure we were comfortable and even found places of interest in the long drives between cities. Thanks to him, the monkeys in the mountains were very well fed. I recommend him highly!!! His car was always right there even in the most crowded city tourist sites.

Most important our experience with the Air India plane taking us to the wrong airport shows how necessary it is to have an experienced tour manager who is in India. Your phone call received even before we left the plane telling us you would handle the problem saved us heartache. How you produced a car and driver within minutes or our landing to take us the 500 km to Agra at is remarkable. In addition, he was an excellent driver and got us to our hotel in Agra more than 2 hours before the airline supplied bus. If we had been forced to take the bus, it would have ruined our trip. The bus took more than 12 hours arriving at 5:30am. And then the people had to find transportation to their hotel.

In short, everyone who wants to go to India should use your services”.

- Elaine and Bill Epstein East Coast

USA. , February 2013

“We have just returned from a months tour of India supported by Legends and Palaces. When you are sat in the UK, trying to work out which company to trust for one of the biggest trips of your life, it is tempting to go with a UK company, opting for the familiar. We are so pleased with our choice to go with an Indian company, thus ensuring 100% investment in India. We sent a few companies including Legends and Palace our dates of arrival and departure in Delhi, our ‘must sees’ that included Shimla, the Taj Mahal and Rajasthan highlights, and the Andaman Islands, and asked them to create an itinerary using cars, trains and planes and having guides for each of the main cities and sights.

Legends and Palaces swiftly supplied the itinerary, hotels and price that worked for us, and so we booked with them. India did not disappoint, the guides and drivers were excellent and efficient, planes and trains were on time and a great experience, the hotels were of good and sometimes outstanding quality. The people, the places and of course Legends and Palaces were friendly, helpful and caring.

We do not hesitate to recommend this company”.

- Heike and Caroline Keswick, Cumbria,

UK. , 25 February 2013

We cannot thank you enough for our wonderful stay in India. There were many moments when we all spoke of how much we appreciated V.P. Singh. Of all the travel companies that we have worked with on this trip, you were exemplary. We are only sad that we never got a chance to meet you in person. Perhaps on our next visit to India.
We will recommend you to all.

- Mark and Jennifer Los Angeles

USA. , December 2012.

We have just returned from our fourth tour arranged by VP. Having previously been to Rajasthan, the Foothills of the Himalayas and Kerala, this time we did the aptly named ‘ A cuppa Darjeeling Tea’. We started in Calcutta, then moved on to Darjeeling. A short drive took us to the Glenburn Tea Estate, then on to the Kanha National Park for tiger spotting and finally arriving in Delhi.
The 16 day tour was probably the most varied we have been on, ranging from city tours, mountain views, to bird watching and tiger country. As always the tour was finely tuned by VP with regard to accommodation, flights, travelling times and scenery. The fact that we have completed four tours speaks for itself. His advice and knowledge of his country is immense and we are most grateful to him for allowing us to see what is rightly described as ‘ Incredible India’

David & Liz Phillips

, Dec 2012.

My wife and I had a wonderful trip to India in April 2012 with Legends & Palaces. We went on the Foothills & Corbett tour with a few slight adjustments. From the moment that I first emailed Mr. Singh to the moment that we eventually left India everything about this company was first class. Mr. Singh could not have been more helpful in organising our trip and tailor made it to suit us perfectly. He was in constant contact with us despite sometimes being on tour himself. The instructions that he sent out prior to our trip were superb and on arrival everything went exactly according to plan leaving us completely stress free.

Mr. Singh remained in contact with us throughout our trip to make sure everything was OK and on the one day that we needed to change our travel arrangements due to a slight tummy upset all it took was one phone call and eveything was sorted. The hotels that Mr. Singh selected were completely varied and, without exception, outstanding. The guides were generally all very knowledgable, fun & friendly and despite our driver having very limited English we wouldn’t have swapped him for the world. In Shimla we met the man himself (he spent a whole day travelling just to meet us!) and he even bought us dinner! India proved to be an amazing country and L&P an amazing company run by an amazing man at amazing prices!

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

- Nick Caton Chelmsford, England

England , April 2012.

“VP Singh. Will and I are back home again after two long airplane rides. Our trip was great; the guides were very good as were the drivers.”

- K. Gudorf,

USA , April 2012.

Thank you so much for your wonderful attention to detail. Every trip you plan must take hundreds of minute details! Everything went like clockwork. All the hotel were wonderful and rooms, perfect. Due to you, I imagine. every place we went was wonderful The two places in the country and Bundi were special experiences.

Thank you for accommodating us on the guide issue. We really enjoyed being on our own.

We enjoyed this trip so much, we were wondering if you would jot down an itinerary for …… that we might consider someday. Just suggestions from the top of your head. Don’t spend any time on it. Thanks again for a wonderful adventure.

Nancy & Ed Tepper

USA , March 2012

We have just completed our second holiday of nearly a month in India with L & P. Three years ago we travelled in Rajasthan and this year to Tamil Nadu / Kerala in the South. Mr V P Singh was very careful to understand our requirements and goes to all lengths to bespoke our itinerary to give us maximum benefit. He selects the hotels and in most cases the actual rooms we occupy. The drivers and guides we used are first class and the amounts of driving/sight- seeing/rest days etc are beautifully matched to your preferences. Mr V P Singh keeps in touch with you every few days to check progress and any problems (there were none) and meets you either at the start or end of your holiday. All in all a very quality service at a reasonable price that reflects Indian overheads rather than European city ones.

One early potential problem was to understand who we were dealing with and could they be trusted ? ………..however four or five calls to past customers, some with multiple tours arranged by L & P over the years, quickly dispelled the qualms we felt over picking a company we initially found by google !

Cameron Sharp & Friends

London South India Tours , January 2012

“We spent an unforgettable month in India and could not be happier with the services provided by Mr. V.P. Singh. His attention to detail and meticulous planning ensured that everything went smoothly. We always knew that Mr. Singh was only a phone call away which gave us a tremendous feeling of security. He is a “hands-on” guy who called us periodically even in remote locations to make sure we were doing well. There was never a doubt that if we had a problem, he would take care of it. In addition, Mr. Singh is quite well-respected, and we felt that we received exceptional service everywhere we went, at least in part, because of his fine reputation.

Our goal was to experience a mix of major cities (and sites) with smaller towns and villages to better understand life in India. Our trip exceeded our expectations with favorite out-of-the-way stops that included Bundi (our favorite town), Narlai (our favorite hotel and village), and Bhainsrorgarh Fort (most stunning location). Our driver was excellent as were our many guides. We highly recommend Mr. Singh to anyone planning a trip to India.

- Anne & Frank Supsic

Pennsylvania, USA ,

We asked Mr Singh to help us get to know India history, mores, people, locales and do it on the fly in 18 days. He sent us to local villages helped us interact with people ( 3 young guides and Mr Singh tho his partner was absent) interesting locales Dhamli, an old fort with some local people Pachwargth which did nor blaze “tourist ” but more “homey” an accommodating young man PAVAN in Pokaran We were both on and off the beaten track a good mix Delhi is worth a couple of days only the country side and coffee stops were good. The early history FASCINATING LEADERS (AKBAR) ALL WORTHWHILE.

- J GIERE md. Maryland

USA. , November 2011

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in India. I cannot express enough gratitude for the attention Mr. Singh gave me as a solo traveler. I appreciated the quick, detailed responses to my emails, and the flexibility that was showed when I had to change my itinerary a little a couple months before my trip, because I was relocated from the US to the UAE .
The hotel recommendations and the sites thata was recommended to visit were wonderful, especially Samode Palace. If it wasn’t for your recommendation I would have never gone there on my own. My driver was professional and courteous, and the fact that Mr. Singh called every couple of days to ensure that I was enjoying my trip and that there was no problem was above what I would have ever expected. Also, the fact that I could call 24/7 if I needed was comforting.
When I return to India, you will be the first person I call.

Sincerely, Peggy Reed

Abu Dhabi, UAE , May 2011

We are now back in England having had one of the most interesting holidays we have ever had. The itinerary you prepared for us touring Western Rajasthan at very short notice was far beyond what I could have prepared myself without a lot of research. We stayed at superb hotels, and the car and driver you booked for us were excellent. The driver went out of his way to make the holiday more interesting. I was also aware that I could contact you at any time, and that your local representative would sort out any problems – not that there ware any!!
We found the information you supplied very useful, and as we paid you for the whole trip and you paid for the hotels and driver, that was another problem eliminated.
Than you for making it so easy for us. I would recommend your company to anybody for any type of holiday in India as you do research thoroughly.

I would be happy for you to give my name as a reference.

Dorothy Aitchison Nottingham,

UK , March 2011

“We have just returned from our third tour arranged by VP. In 2008 we had17 days in Rajasthan. In 2009 we had 16 days in the Foothills of the Himalayas and this year it was 16 days in Tamil Nadu & Kerala. All very different. What was not different was the eye for details that VP brings to the whole itinerary. Whether the accommodation being used, sites to visit, routes to use, places to stop for lunch when en route and even the choice of guides. It’s difficult to fault his suggestions. He even checks up frequently to see that everything is going to plan. What better service could anyone want ? He even offers fantastic value for money.
We now look forward to our next trip to the North East of the country in 2012 and have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending VP to fellow tourists.”

-David & Liz Phillips

Nottingham, UK , February 2011

” I have been thinking about Samode Place, (!). Loved it. and Neemrana Fort Palace. I absolutely loved all the Neemrana hotels. These Heritage hotels are just beautiful. Even though we felt a bit worried at The Mudhouse in Kuchesar – I loved the hotel and its the kind of place that I could stay awhile at. The last couple of nights at the glasshouse and hearing the river rush by were extraordinary. Giovanni and I both had a massage treatment there which was excellant. I loved Rishikesh and the aarti and the ashram. Loved Jaipur. The guides were very good…. Rampal is kind and patient with smiling eyes. .. Loved the lime soda with sweet and salt. The Tea. The food. We never got any Delhi belly. Ate fantastic food – probably the chefs, which may change…. but I loved the food at Samode palace and glasshouse. All the architectural structural things we saw…were incredible…and definitely so much better with a guide.

I cringe at the prospect of having to have organised that for ourselves. I have never had an organised trip before, and I must say – I cannot imagine how on earth we would have got through day 1 if we had not organised the trip with you. I regret not coming home with more fabrics, and I hope we took enough photos. The children were thrilled at having their Indian dresses made in Jaipur… having their personal measurements taken and ready in a couple of hours. Elephant ride is a wonderful adventure. Wish I had an Indian meal for tomorrow. I will make tea though. What a beautiful place and what beautiful smiles from the people. Will have to come back and see more sometime. It is truly such a special place. Thank you again for the shortcuts to all the right places. Best wishes from all the family.”


Italy , April 2010

” My wife and I spent 28 days in India over the Dec-Jan 09-10 period. We worked out a tentative plan for the trip and submitted it to Mr. V.P Singh of Legends and Palaces ( who made some suggestions and booked haveli style hotels (at our request) as well as arranged all internal transit (a driver and car for most of the trip, internal airfare and train) and local guides. We arrived in Dehli where Mr. Singh and the driver met us at the airport (at 1AM) and personally took us on a quick tour of Delhi during the next 2 days.. From Dehli we went to Varanasi, Khajuraho, Orrcha, Agra, Jaipur, Bundi, Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Ranakpur, Fort Dhamli, Jaiselmer, Jodhpur and back to Delhi. The logistics of the trip were perfect. Literally nothing went wrong! The hotels were quite wonderful (of course some were more to our liking than others, but all were excellent). We ate mainly in the hotels and the food was surprisingly good. We never got sick! …. Mr. Singh was in contact with our wonderful driver regularly and called us several times during the trip to check-in and see how the trip was going. It was a wonderful experience- greatly enhanced by the perfect logistics. If I were to change anything I’d not visit so many monuments and I’d spend some time in the wildlife preserves. An excellent trip! I’d use Legends and Palaces again and happily refer my friends and family to Mr. Singh. ”


California (US). , January 2010

” We booked our trip through Legends and Palaces (VP Singh). We were very happy with the itinerary Mr. Singh put together for us. He was very responsive and accommodating during the planning process. We changed our minds several times and had lots of questions but nothing was ever a problem for him. He also checked in with us several times as the trip progressed to make sure all was well. We enjoyed the pace and the variety of accommodations and venues (luxury hotels in big cities to upscale tents in Ranthambore to havelis in the ‘middle of nowhere’). Everything went very smoothly indeed, from the transportation to the hand-offs to the different local agents and tour guides in each city. In general, we really liked our guides and found them to be very knowledgeable and personable. Our driver, Sohan Lal, was with us the whole time and we highly recommend him. We are really glad we decided to go with a private car/driver during our 3 weeks in Rajasthan. It enabled us to get ‘up close and personal’ by stopping to experience some of the everyday life: how people in the villages live; getting to see the aforementioned oxen performing tasks the same way it must have been done for hundreds of years; stopping along the roadside to buy peanuts fresh from the farmer’s field to eat in the car; watching charcoal being made; visiting the ‘motorcycle’ shrine…just a few of many experiences made possible by our driver, Sohan Lal. ”

Mrs. & Mr. Hans Schwarz

California (US). , November 2009

“We can not speak too highly of the service offered by Mr VP Singh. Our 16 days private tour, with our friends from Grantham, must rank as one of the best holidays we have ever had.”

David & Liz Phillips

CNottingham, England , 2009

” We have recently returned from a trip that began in Delhi, India. The monsoon season had just finished and we had beautiful weather.
This is our second trip to India that we have booked with Mr. VP Singh at Just like our previous trip to Rajastan, the northern India tour was planned perfectly with stops in Delhi, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Kangra Fort, Pragpur and Shimla. Mr. Singh was in constant communication with drivers, hotels, guides, airlines, and us to ensure that everything was satisfactory and that we were being well cared for.
If only our California travel agent was so attentive… Mr. Singh also designed the itinerary for our 8 day stay in Nepal and coordinated with the local travel agent to arrange hotels, guides, transfers etc… We used to travel completely independently, but this trip has changed our outlook.
The guides took us to outstanding inexpensive rooftop restaurants in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Shimla, etc. with not only great food, but locations with opportunities to take magazine quality photos. It is so much easier than finding a taxi everywhere. We will continue soon with part 3 of the journey: Bhutan. ”

Mrs. Judy & Mr. John Stoll.

California. , 16 November 2009

“Last year Mr VP Singh organised a 16 day private tour of Rajasthan and its Forts, Palaces and Temples and this year he organised a 17 day trip to the Foothills of the Himalayas.
We started in Amritsar and then moved on to Dharamshala, Pragpur, Rishikesh, the Corbett National Park, Agra and finally Delhi.
The contrast between the two tours could not be greater. From the plains of Rajasthan you find yourself in the Himalayas and some wonderful mountain scenery. Again, the itinerary was first rate and extremely varied as was the accommodation with its mixture Heritage and Luxury hotels. In particular the Judges’ Court at Pragpur, The Glasshouse on the Ganges outside Rishikesh and Infinity Resorts at Ramnagar were all gems.
We are already planning a third trip to the Treasures of Kerala and Southern India and we have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending VP to future tourists”

David & Liz Phillips

Nottingham, England , 20 April 2009

“We still cannot believe that, for the first time in our life a vacation went without a single major problem, and we have traveled extensively before!! We are amazed and so are our children and friends. This we can thank Mr. Singh for the superb organization and detailed planning. He was always available, and made sure that we never had to wait for the driver or any of the guides during our entire trip. We felt as if someone always held our hands.
Since we have a 10 year tourist visa, we are certain that we shall make good use of it during the years to come since there are so many more places we want to visit in that exotic country and Mr. Singh will have to do some more trips planning for us. (Maybe the Himalayas ?)
I find myself missing India sooo much! The food…the people, the chaos …”

Mrs. & Mr. J.F.Karpati USA

USA , 06 February 2009

“We can not speak too highly of the service offered by Mr VP Singh. Our 16 days private tour, with our friends from Grantham, must rank as one of the best holidays we have ever had. Mr Singh’s itinerary for a tour of Rajasthan was first rate and his recommendations of a mixture of havelis, heritage hotels and luxury hotels was just right. During our tour we visited many forts, temples & palaces. His own enthusiasm for the culture, customs and history of the region was infectious and we gained enormously from his knowledge.
One of our many highlights was seeing a tiger in the Ranthambhore National Park. We are already planning a return trip to the Foothill of the Himalayas for next spring. We have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending him to future tourists”

David & Liz Phillips.

Nottingham, England , 2008

“My wife and I, both so-called senior citizens, used VP Singh of Legends and Palaces for a 17 day private tour of India. He was just fantastic – he introduced us to India, not just the usual tourist sites. Cost-wise, the tour was no more than a similar group, escorted tour. I recommend him without reservation.”

-Jerry S.

United States of America , 2008

“My wife and I, both so-called senior citizens, used VP Singh of Legends and Palaces for a 17 day private tour of India. He was just fantastic – he introduced us to India, not just the usual tourist sites. Cost-wise, the tour was no more than a similar group, escorted tour. I recommend him without reservation.”

-Jerry S.

United States of America , 2008

“We have just returned from a 21 day trip to India. We started in Delhi, flew to Varanasi, flew to Khajuraho, and traveled by car and driver to Orchha, Datia and Agra. We proceeded by car and driver to Bharatpur to visit the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. In Rajasthan we traveled by car to Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, the village of Dhamli, and finally Udaipur. We flew from Udaipur to Delhi and then to Chicago to complete the trip.

We saw so many interesting and wonderful people and sights in India, but the bells during evening prayers in Varanasi will be forever with us. We did gain some valuable insights during our travels that we would like to pass on. 1. Book with a local India Travel Agent. We booked with Mr. VP Singh ( and couldn’t be more pleased. He traveled with us part of the time and was in constant touch with drivers, guides and hotels to be sure that we were well taken care of”.

Judy & John Stoll


“My office colleagues gave me a thumbs up on going to Corbett, but said they think that Mussoorie is the best hill station; however, that is a full day’s drive from Corbett vs. only 1.5 hr to Nainital. In both instances, they were right. Listen to the Locals! Trip arrangements were made for me by VP Singh from Legends and Palaces, thanks VP”!

Gary Allard


“Simply fantastic experience with Mr Singh! He is very attentive, knows his history and loves his cultural heritage. Both Henry and I are avid travelers yet we were apprehensive of India and had delayed our travels there until I accepted a keynote address for a conference in New Delhi this February. Thanks to Mr Singh and our superb driver Raju we had an excellent trip (Jaipur, Delhi and Agra 12 days) and we are already planning a trekking trip with Mr. Singh for May 2008 in Northern India!

His choice of hotels were exemplary and his restaurant recommendations for dinners were trully classic. Do not miss dinner at Rambough Palace in Jaipur!”

Ozden & Henry

College Station, Texas,

“As an aside, I can very highly recommend the services of Mr. VP Singh, who is the owner of a travel agency based in Jaipur. Here is the web site.He could not have been more professional right from the very first email and all the arrangements he made for us worked out perfectly. As a bonus, he spent a day showing us around his amazing city – and having a local show you around makes all the difference !”

Elizabeth & Kevin Widrow


“We have found Mr. Singh to be extremely truthful & hospitable. The driver was great too…they were both very friendly. We definitely would do a tour through Mr. Singh again!!”

Jodi Coggan & Nigel Goodall

NSW, Australia,

“Excellent tour, very good choices of places to visit. Mr. Singh was very helpful & very pleasant, he also spoke very good English…It has been wonderful.”

Lisa Maras & Andrew Beckett


“Overall very good with exception of Agra accommodation & food…Jaipur & Delhi very good accommodation & food & service. Overall very good service.”

Rob Williams


“By this way we want to thank you for every thing you have done for us during this years trekking tour….first of all we think of your friendly character & your sense of humour that accompanied us during the trip & made it a little brighter. But what would friendliness has been useful for, if there hadn’t been your competence in guiding us through these routes which always were lovely, but sometimes not rather easy to handle. We enjoyed every single day of the tour…& look forward to the trekking-tour next year!”

Tanja & Beate-Maria.